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I think its fair to say the average viewer wants to see

canada goose store New York Excelsior vs Houston Outlaws canada goose store

canada goose uk shop It entirely depends on what you want to see. I think its fair to say the average viewer wants to see individual skill and sick individual outplays.But from an analytical perspective, Goats is “better” overwatch. In the sense that it heavily prioritises better teamplay, decision making and coordination. And additionally the mistakes in Goats matter a lot more than in Dive, since you cant rely on a player pooping off to cover your mistakes. Its why ive been weirdly enjoying canada goose black friday 2019 mens watching Goats 100x more than playing it for sure.The same reason people love dive is the same reason its not exactly the best Overwatch. They were 4 0 in over half of their matches, and on 5 occasions only put up a total of 1 point in the entirety of a match canada goose hybridge uk (this also happened to a handful of other teams, but I don believe any team has ever been shut out completely).With that said, New York looked absolutely clinical against Houston today. You’re completely right in canada goose outlet in usa saying that, but I want to point out why I think something like this just highlights the series in a nutshell.The Outlaws were attacking with a better composition (Rein GOATS > Winston GOATS a lot of the time), had spawn advantage because it’s Anubis point A, had an canada goose t shirt uk early pick on a key target with canada goose mystique uk one of the best ults and abilities in the game multiple times, and still managed to fall apart with all of those things in their favor. To me, it’s hard to justify losing something like that.Even though I’m happy for NYXL and give them props for such a surgically clean performance today (I like NYXL after all), Jake’s slam onto the table summarizes my disappointment in Houston right now. It felt painful to watch.But in reality, NYXL just look like they gotten better every game. Which is insane. From Week canada goose outlet 1 to Week 2 canada goose black friday 2019 I said a lot of the worst teams all looked better but NYXL made that same improvement despite not losing in Week womens canada goose black friday 1. That fucking insane. Their coaching staff post WizardHyeong looks exactly the same if not better. They perfectly are making the transition to GOATS which is really impressive. He looks so uncomfortable on Dva. That decision to try and bunny blaster his Meka back during Nepal was so fucking retarded it reminded me of an actual platinum player mindset. His bombs all game were like a mile above the fights so they weren doing full damage even if they hit, and they were always in very easily predictable paths. If he not gonna zarya only they need to canada goose outlet store uk just sit him out, bring coolmatt back in canada goose black friday uk or make Danteh learn Dva. After work I hustled to the gym, hustled home to make some dinner and got ready for the game. I had such a great time tonight it was really magical. Until they lost. I so fucking angry that Houston didn win tonight. I could swear I could throw my chair across the room. They were cheated. NYXL isn shit and played poorly but got lucky in the end. I want the Outlaws to win it big this year. They deserve it. I hope they practice up and work on their ult economy a little more and kick major ass next week. I can wait for more Outlaws! TexasHardThis is my problem with the Outlaws. I from canada goose lodge uk Houston so kind of auto fan.Sometimes we do well like earlier this week. Other times we get absolutely wrecked. It the worst position to be in because you sit there going “Yeah we have the potential but we just inconsistent.” You don want to make cuts and get a new roster because, hey, sometimes we show up and we look like a great team. But at the end of the day we just stuck being mediocre canada goose uk shop.

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