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The biggest actual question to me is Aphro salvageable on this

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canada goose black friday sale 1 point submitted 10 days agoIf you want to be super thematic, run Abby with some terminators and deep strike those dudes. The beauty of it is you can really run canada goose shop review anything you want. Combi bolters are very powerful for few points with the new Bolter Discipline. canada goose outlet woodbury 5 man chosen units with 5 combi bolters are nice fire support, Abbadon re roll to hit aura is very powerful amongst a gunline. Obliterators can teleport, too. If you wanted to run some chosen and/or marines in rhinos, maybe some Havocs or CSM squads kitted for fire support, then some more backfield options or something of this nature.ParadoxPope 3 points submitted 17 days agoThere is potential for this canada goose outlet website review org into Summer, but it going to require some real thought as to what is needed. The biggest actual question to me is Aphro salvageable on this roster. On paper, it easily top three botlanes but it just is garbage in practice. Huhi is sheer write off at this point, he hasn looked strong in years at this point. Anda, while not necessarily a star on the team, has been solid in plenty of situations. With Jungle being a bit of a supportive role now, I think they can afford to canada goose uk shop maybe look at some of their other issues first. canada goose outlet england But, time will tell; I hope they can figure something out and bring another contender. 3 points submitted 20 days agoI understand, but ultimately I don find the option appealing. There are always choices; but I, personally, would prefer to have 0 humans in my chaos army. CSM advantage used to be their customization and the fact they had bolter, ccw, and pistol. All of these things have been stripped away over canada goose outlet uk sale the editions and it has left the codex with no good viable choices. I just find it unfortunate, since in the past there were ways to make almost any elite choice a troop cheap canada goose and that changes the dynamic completely. Even just Chosen troops would be a nice canada goose trillium uk bone to have thrown.ParadoxPope 1 point submitted 26 canada goose outlet las vegas days agoI mean, would you like to give me a good example of Cody exemplar mechanical prowess? Because all I ever know him for is being second place NA on very strong teams, while being 70% of the reason for Immortals losses in their world run. It easy to say these players are good when they on good teams; see also Hauntzer and Contractz. But one good split on a strong team and people are ranking these dudes top three or five of their role. Dude, Apollo is better than Cody Sun.ParadoxPope 1 points submitted 27 days agoSo does anyone have a case for why Conqueror should still be in the game? I feel like the keystone has created IMMENSE balance issues with every iteration. Old Conq was part of the reason why Irelia felt so strong, as well as other oppressive melee bruisers mostly in the top lane. Now, it has propelled a champ that is supposed to be hard to play to untouchable status, with only better WRs the higher ELO you get. So Rito, canada goose uk online store why is this abomination been in thee game canada goose expedition black friday for over a year? 4 points submitted 1 month agoBottom five, easy. Who was known for being a warrior? Sanguinius, the Khan, The Lion, Angron, Russ. Horus killed Sanguinius so we say he beats him there. And Curze fought both the Lion and Girlyman at the same time, and would have killed both of them if weren for plot armor. (EDIT: also fought Sanguinius to a standstill) So yeah, I going to put Alph at 18 because he small, then you would be pre ascension Lorgar, then you have Girlyman. The Avenging Beancounter is no warrior, he a Statesman; and was the best at that amongst the Primarchs. 6 points submitted 1 month agoI don know how this is even comparable. You talking 540 points versus most probable minimum 720 points, double the range, fewer CP to spend a turn and affects all three preds instead of one squad of oblits. You have to deep strike them in order to get oblits into proper position, and 25% more wounds at higher toughness even still. Lack of invuln is unfortunate, but one is clearly better imo canada goose black friday sale.

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