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The top player of the winning team would recieve a canada

Make Pinnacle Quests A Little More Bearable

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Did it have canada goose parka uk sale its problems? Yes. Rampant Thorn, Ungodly powerful shotguns, and last round snipers. But you appeared to have made an effort to make things better.

It not exactly a secret that D2 Crucible is pretty bad. Not a lot of people look upon it favorably. Jtun reigns supreme, hunter are stupidly powerful, and matchmaking kinda sucks (that last one is more of a personal opinion).

canada goose factory sale Pinnacle weapons are cool. Having that unique weapon PvP players can grind for and claim as their own is a great idea. I like the idea of Luna Howl, Recluse, and Redrix Claymore/Broadsword even though i find them intensely infuriating to run up against. canada goose factory sale

But as someone who plays destiny for the love of the grind, competative pinnacle weapon quests kill my soul. And before i get comments telling me to “git gud” or that “pinnacle weapons SHOULD be hard to canada goose outlet england get”, let me say a few things.

canada goose clearance sale I dont claim to be an amazing player: in fact, I nothing special. And i actually agree that pinnacle weapons should be hard to get. canada goose clearance sale

Over the weekend, I been trying to get my comp on and get those pinnacle weapons. It a demoralizing and painful slog, but i finally broke my heroic 1 curse.

Basically what happened is that i found myself stuck in an endless loop of alternating wins and losses. This means that, for the many hours I spent playing, i made no progress toward the rank of fabled. For the first time in my life, I actually threw a controller in rage. Don worry, it want hard; just enough for it to make a comforting thud against the couch in my room.

Anyway, its a painful experience that canada goose clothing uk i hope not many people have to experience. Once i cooled my head, i started thinking: why not make rank canada goose outlet online performance based rather than win based? I came up with a few ideas about glory rank, matchmaking, and quitters.

canada goose The glory rank idea goes a little something like this: canada goose

canada goose uk outlet The winning team still gets a large boost to their rank, but performance bonuses for high performers would yeald extra glory. The top player of the winning team would recieve a canada goose outlet los angeles small boost for being top player. Similarly, most final blows, most objectives, most assists, most eliminations, and most damage would all recieve bonuses. canada goose uk outlet

The loosing team would also get boosts based on their performance identical to the winning team. The difference is that canada goose parka outlet uk their loss still detracts from their glory score. Essentially, the bonuses would mittigate some of the loss of glory (ptentially all if you did well enough). No a loosing team would not be able to gain glory from a loss, that would be too easy for pinnacle weapons.

Im kinda sick of getting paired with a bunch of casual blueberies and against a four stack of spectral blades. Even if i do well, i still lose 25% of my current rank because my teammates suck.

canada goose uk black friday I dont want to get locked into a win loss cycle again. It makes my time essentially pointless. For about five hours, I canada goose garson vest uk would win a match only to get pitted against a four stack in the next. Please consider making matchmaking a little better. (Although i realize that perfoemace bonuses would help minimize the damage of this.) canada goose uk black friday

And for quitters? Make them lose double the ammount of glory they would have if they had just stayed and lost the match. I dont know if theres cheap canada goose already a strike system in place to ban repeat offenders, but it would be nice to know those idiots are getting sweet, sweet karma.

Canada Goose sale 1) i dont want to nerf Jotun. Right now, its a personal frustration to me. But I have yet to get the gun and try it for myself. I was being overly dramatic in my “Jotun reigns supreme” line. In hindsight, i wish i would have written that differently. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale 2) This post was never supposed to be about Jtun. It was supposed to be about a system that consistently screwed me while i played. I gave an opinion as to what i thought could be done to make the thing a little more merciful. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

3) I wasnt exclusively playing alone. I played with varous fireteams of clan members. Most of them, however, have been offline when I had time to play. The remainder were busy doing raids. I still found myself suck in the win loss cycle even when i squaded up with three others.

4) I dont have a problem with having progress reset: it adds an element of risk and dificulty that makes the pinnacle weapons both balanced and satisfying to get. I had no problem with The Last Word and other such quests resetting progress. I completed those pretty easily, and by no means want bungie to make pinnacle weapons so easy to get that any tom, dick, or harry could get one.

5) All i wanted to do was make a case for how comp could be a little more merit based than it is. Im sick of doing well on the losing team and having my previous win nullified because somebody bailed out or went AFK. I wasnt aware of the fact that you get 120 glory for completing three matches in a week. As for frequency, it feels like I run into one or two every other round. I get that you probably like your hand held rocket launcher very much, but come on. I tried your little “jUsT mOvE tO tHe SiDe” trick. Doesnt really work. The only time i find Jotun canada goose outlet in new york underperforms is at point blank, where it doesnt have the range to activate tracking. Hunter dodge can move you out of the way, but thats only for hunters. Its not the most broken thing in the game at the moment (spectral blades takes that) but the idea that Jtun is all fine and dandy is just dumb.

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